Excursions and sightseeing tour in Krasnoyarsk

The company "101 Limousine" gives you the opportunity to plunge into the magical world of the history of Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region. Our company conducts guided tours to the most picturesque places of the city. Bus tour from the company "101 Limousine" will give you the opportunity to visit the most beautiful places of the Krasnoyarsk territory. The company "101 Limousine" conducts tours for adults and children.

Breathing fresh Yenisei air, you will feel the power of our city. We provide on the tour buses and vans from seven to fifty-nine seats.

With us you will visit the magnificent historical museums, which hovers invaluable spirit of history. During the sightseeing tour you will get to know the whole history of memorable sights, visit the places from which the magnificent view of the beautiful city of Krasnoyarsk is opened.

You will be delighted with all the beauties of Krasnoyarsk, visiting our famous reserve "Pillars".

For those who want to get more emotions and unforgettable sensations, We offer you to visit the famous attraction "Tsar fish". This building was erected in honor of the great work of VP Astafiev.

You will witness the greatness of the Krasnoyarsk territory, visiting the famous Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station.

What we can offer You:

- Meeting with the railway station and seeing;

- Meeting from the airport and seeing off;

- Comfortable transport with pleasant and polite driver;

- Very interesting tour;

- Impeccable work of our guide;

- Sightseeing tour in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region

Bus tour from our company a lot of pleasant experiences. We guarantee you a great holiday.

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